Born in the town of Ruse, Bulgaria - 23.12.1964

In 1988, Rumena Pencheva graduated from the Veliko Tarnovo University, majoring in Fine arts and minor - aesthetics. She specialised in sculpture with Professor Nenko Marov.
From 1978 to 1983 studied in Secondary school of Applied Arts in the town of Tryavna – majoring in wood carving.

Job history:
Since 1990, she has been working as a teacher of Fine arts.
Since 1998, she has been running a school of painting and applied arts for children aged 6-12, with many events in children's competitions in the country and abroad.

From 2000, Rumena Pencheva takes part in fairs of people's artistic crafts in the country and town of Erkrat, Germany. In 2006-2008 she takes part in wood plastics symposiums in the Czech Republic.

She makes church wood carving, stylish furniture, wood plastics, panels, icon paintings, arts of paintings. She created the iconostasis in the church of village of Kamenar, the wood carving in the chapel near the village of Osenovo, lots of bishop's thrones. In her icons, the painter is guided by old traditional icon painting techniques described in the Greek erminies.

The art works of the painter are in the area of landscape, still life, she is interested in the architecture of 16-19 cc. She works aquarelle, oil paintings, and mixed technique.


1989 - Tryavna art gallery
1990 - Joint exhibition of young artists, Veliko Tarnovo
1994 - Decorative art exhibition, Varna
1996 - One-man show, Varna
1997 - One-man show, Balchik
1998 - Exhibition dedicated to St. Lucas - Varna
1999 - Decorative art exhibition, Varna
2000 - Joint exhibition of Bulgarian artists, Sofia
2002 - Joint exhibition of Varna artists, Varna
2003 - Exhibition dedicated to St.Lucas – Varna
2004 - International exhibition in “Stulbata” Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2004 - International fair of artistic crafts , Erkrat, Germany
2006 - International wood-sculpture symposium, Olomouc, Czech Republic
2007 - Joint exhibition of Varna artists, Varna
2008 - International fair of artistic crafts , Varna
2008 - International wood-sculpture symposium, Brno, Czech Republic
2010 - International wood-skulpture symposium - Dunajska Luzna, Slovakia
2011 - International wood-skulpture symposium - Kunovice, Czech Republic

Her icons and wood-carvings are owned by persons and collectors from Bulgaria, Germany, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Malta, Grece, Russian Federation, Australia and USA.

Nowadays she lives and works in Varna, Bulgaria.
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